when you and your friends see a fine booty


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Do you guys remember how Frankie spent the whole day cleaning up Zach’s mess? Or how he said to 4 different people He will not backdoor Zach? Or how he got Christine to lay out her whole plan, by leading Christine on, on getting Zach out? Or how he went and told Zach everything about her plans to get him out? No, no that didn’t happen at all Zach fans, Frankie spent the whole day concocting a plan to backdoor Zach….that’s totally what happened yesterday.

The chemistry between Frankie and Zach is wonderful to watch. It’s like no other bromance we’ve seen. It’s part Will and Boogie and yet at times you wonder if it could turn into a showmance. Frankie is extremely likable. He’s funny, smart and adorable. Zach is a character. He’s outspoken, bold, funny, good looking and enjoys being a bit obnoxious. Together they are very watchable.

- Julie Chen  (via bigbrotherista1)